The Hostry
Cathedral Close, Norwich

The map below shows the Cathedral's location. From the train station take the bridge across the river and walk along the river footpath for five minutes until you arrive at Pull's Ferry which is the beginning of the Cathedral Close. There turn left and you will see the Cathedral spire ahead of you.

Parking Information: Parking in the Close is restricted. For those with special needs please contact the Estates Department (01603 218300).

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St.Peter and St. Paul Church in Salle,
"Salle Church"
NR10 4SE

Norfolk is home to a number of beautiful old churches which are sadly largely neglected. Salle Church, a magnificent 15 th century Anglican Church, is particularly worthy of preservation and care. Indeed its virtues have been recognized before, by the Tallis Choir, who made Salle their home for many years, both recording and performing here.

Located between Norwich and Holt in a beautiful unspoiled rural area in North Norfolk, its outstanding acoustical and spiritual qualities, as well as its adaptability to different musical settings; from recital and chamber to choral and symphonic; with the ability to hold a sizable orchestra, make it a very special historic architectural structure indeed.

Directions: From Norwich take the A1140 Cromer road. At roundabout past the airport take the B1149 Holt road signposted Horsford. After 4 miles, at roundabout, take left turn on B1145, signposted Reepham. On passing through Cawston, and about 1 I/2 miles, and before Reepham, at bend, take road on right to Salle. Then first left to Salle Church. Allow about 40 minutes.

Map of area round Salle

Have a look at Salle Church here.

Parking Information: Parking at Salle is easily accessible indeed, located right on the church grounds, which makes it particularly convenient for those in need of a little help.


Houghton Hall

Houghton Hall is situated just off the A148 King's Lynn to Cromer road, close to the Norfolk coast, Norwich.

Houghton Hall website, with directions


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